Click here and watch her grafic from Lofoten, "Opkjøperbat" North of Norway, made in 1959.
From the same year, same place, (Svolvær, Lofoten) take a look at "Sløyegjengen.

This internet gallery will display works made by my mother, Gladys Raknerud (1912-97), one of Norways most distinguished painters from the period afterThe Second World War.
Being half norwegian half british, her maiden name was Gladys Florence White Nilssen.
Works by some specially invited guest artists will, if they allow it, be enjoyed here.

The internetpicture of Gallery Gladys pictures including the grafic "Opkjøperbåt" © NilsA.Raknerud, are in any circumstances not allowed copied, printed or distributed for commercial reasons, but downloading permission for private use,such as screen background, might be given on condition that you take contact (nilsamund(at)